Friday, May 26, 2006

Peace of mind.

This week has just flown by for me. William was evaluated on Tuesday for his speech therapy sessions. He has been getting speech for a little over a year. He was FINALLY dismissed and is 100% on track. Boy is he! He talks NON STOP! SO cute tho.

I have been really thinking about my place in the world and what I am doing with myself now that the big 3 O is coming up in July. Ya know what? There's nothing more I rather do than be home with the kids and taking care of my family. I am so happy with my little life. My marriage is in a great place (we have the normal bumps but in general it is way more good than bad) My kids are healthy and happy and I feel such a inner peace within it's almost surreal. I am so happy to be turning thirty! I never thought I would be but I am very excited to start a new bigger and better decade of life. My twenties is when I did a lot of soul searching and wishing. I found out who I am and what I want to become. I feel like I now of a clear picture to strive for and where I am headed. I have been down some really bumpy roads and now I can see that they were all worth it because I am where I am today. I LOVE my life and family.

Sewing news--
Well I have gotten a few orders more for some of my clothes I make. I am just so excited about this. I have found I LOVE to design clothes for kids and I love to sew them out as well. I looked on EBAY to see what boutique clothing goes for there and OMG it runs high. Boutique is just a fancy name for home sewn designer stuff. So I am thinking I will keep at it and see if I can make a little money on the side with this. From the feedback I have gotten so far it looks like I have a good eye for style and between myself and my mom who has been a seamstress for my whole life I can do just about anything. SO this looks like it may just be the thing to do while my little ones are home with me. Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh the life of a busy mom.

Man here lately the kids have kept me moving. William has had various appt for his CP and then on top of his 4 weekly therapy sessions there is very little time left in the day for much else. Not to mention he has been being a total stinker here recently and when he isn't acting up Angelina is. UGH! Geesh kids let mommy breath could ya. Well to top things off last night (well the whole weekend really) Matt was just in a pissy ass mood. He has been nit picking me all weekend and pretty much just looking for a fight. I know he had a rough week at work my MY GOD so have I and WHY do I have to pay for his rough week? SO anyway back to last night, He starts on this tangent about the house and it not being to his liking. HELLO I do ALL the childrens care during the week I do 99.9% of the house work and I am wore the fuck out! Lay off me would ya? I mean is it too much to ask if your not happy with something to just DO IT YOURSELF and be quiet about it? I try honest I do. I feel like all I ever do is something for the kids, the house or HIM. WHEN is it my time to do for me? I also am annoyed cuz I want a clutter free clean house and I have so many things in my way of getting it. For one we have not enough space for the amount of crap we have. Two I have not enough time once the kids get to bed to do much else. SO anyway I am feeling a bit over whelmed these days with life as a stay at home mom.

On a brighter note~ The clothing I have been making for our kids has sparked some interest in some of the message boards I post on. I have had one order for one of the outfits already and 2 others have contacted me about making a few things for them as well. I am just so happy about this. For one thing it makes me feel good that they think enough of what I made to ask for me to make it for their child and for two it provides a little extra spending money for me. I told Matt I wanted to do a E-store and he of course rolled his eyes and made a face. Basicly telling me that he thought I wouldn't make a dime on what I make. I KNOW there is money to be made on what I do. My mom did nothing but sewing while my brother and I were small and she was always busy and made good money. So I know if I keep at it I can prove to Matt that I am not full of shit and I do have some talent in this area. I'd just like him to take notice that I do indeed have some talent and maybe just maybe can go somewhere with it. I guess what I want is support. All in good time right? I have plans to do some quilts next I think . I should post some more pic's of the recent outfits I have made for the kids. I will save those for another post.

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