Sunday, December 03, 2006

I have the BEST Hubby!

I forgot to post about my AWESOME early Christmas gift my Hubby has gotten for me. He bought me the sewing machine I have been drooling about for months. It's a Husqvarna Designer 1. OH MY GOODNESS this machine is soooooooo NICE!. He also out of the blue bought me the domain name and website for my business. I feel on top of the world. It's so nice to have him support me in this business and see that I can really make some extra cash with it.

So go check out my web site.

I'm just now finishing up another memory quilt. Probably my best one yet. I'm really liking how is coming out. I also did one other one that I didn't post here. It's on my website tho ;o) I've been running my new machine like a mad woman since I got it. My only thing I'm working on now is how do I get more business and where should I advertise. I want to attract at least 2 more quilt orders a month. If I could manage that I think I'd be set! But one step at a time. I've come a LONG way since Feb 2006. Yep less than a year's time I've learned how to sew and went thru two machines and started a business and a website. AMAZING!

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