Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kids are in new school.

Time for a update. We had to change the kids preschool. The one we had them in at first was not a good fit for William. This one seems to be better. He is just such a hard headed kid. Darn cute but hard headed. I think I'm gonna have to up the discipline on that one. Kills me to do that because I feel like I'm always picking on him. He is ALWAYS into something. SO anyway there was that. Angelina is doing well. She is in a whiney sassy stage right now. Oh my goodness can she give some hateful looks. We are so in for a rude awakening went hey get to be teenagers. Matt is on first shift now. We are enjoying the family time. But after 7 years of second shift it's taking some getting used to. The sleeping is the worst part. Both of us are used to having the whole queen bed to ourselves. My sewing is going great. I'm getting steady orders for things. The little extra money is coming in handy so that's awesome. I'm hoping it will just get better and better as word of mouth spreads. Someday I'd like to upgrade my machine to the next model. That will have to wait a while it looks like. I was going to do last year but we got a new car instead. Then I was going to do it this year with our tax money. But Matt has suggested we save all the money and put it down on a house. So we shall see how it all goes. Sooner or later I will get it. It's not do or die thing. I'm doing great with the one I have. I would just LOVE to have that other one. I'd also like for Matt to be more supportive of me in this. It's making money that he is happy to put in the checking account. Yet I get NO CREDIT for helping. He doesn't see it as I do I guess. I see this as a possible small business I can do out of the house. My mom did it when I was growing up. She made really good money and was always home with us. I want the same for my kids. I want the extra income and to be home. This will allow both. But I have to learn as I go and I need support to do that. I feel like I'm picking it up pretty quick and getting great response from online friends. My quilts are selling too which is so cool! Well that's pretty much all there is here.

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