Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well I have heard that it's time for a update.

On the "baby thing" both Matt and I feel it would be better to wait until next year if we can. But the problem is my body is doing weird things right now that point to menopause. So I made a appt with the doctor to see where I am in all of this. If my baby maker is on it's last leg we will probally go for the new baby this year. If he thinks I can wait a year without hurting our chances of a new baby next year we probally will do that. As much as I want another baby I must admit the thought of it scares the poop out of me. I am scared that I will be too overwhelmed and not be able to handle all 3 kids. I know that I will find my way thru it and Matt is always around to help me out but the thought of it all is still scary. I went thru the same feelings with the twins and I am doing just fine with them so I am sure it will al work out.

The twins have a preschool tour tomorrow. We are talking about enrolling them for 2 days a week each day is only 3 hours. They need a little time away from mommy to see that they have to listen to others and they also need to be around other kids their age. I had them at my mom's last week and they were bullies when they were in contact with another two year old. I was amazed at how they ganged up on her. Little farts!

Sounds like Matt's mom may be moving out here to work at Matt's plant. I like the idea of her being close by to be a bigger part of the kids lives. I am not so excited about the fact that his dad will be joining her in a while. But we will get our boundaries set from the start and I know the kids will enjoy them being closer.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Serious baby talks.

Matt and I have been talking off and on about when to start trying for our last chile. well My reproductive organs are CRAP ( and thats being nice) and I will be 30 very soon. Not that 30 or older is to late to have a baby it's just older than I want to be preg. My personal cut off point for thinking of another child is 35. So anyway we talked about this last night and I am gonna call the reproductive place and find out how much a transfer of some of our already frozen embryos will run us and we will further discuss our options from there.

I have been on a major cleaning spree around the house. I have half of our garage cleaned out and I opened up most of the house to the kids. they just don't know what to think about this new freedom. William just keeps running back and forth in the hall way. He's so happy with his little self.

Yesterday we all ( me, matt, & twins) went outside to play in the backyard. We had a BLAST! It was the best kind of pure fun! My heart could have just burst with happiness. I sat in the grass and watched the love of my life play with his daughter and son, it was just so touching watching them laugh and play. Then he took each of them a ride around the yard in their little tykes car. OMG they had pure happiness on their faces. It was a moment I think I will never forget!

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