Monday, August 07, 2006

To cut or not to cut...THAT is the question.

Ok so as I already wrote. I'd like a new hair style. One that's cute, sassy and flirty. I love being a mom. HONEST to God I do. But I don't want to end be of those mom's that's all boring and homely looking. I want to stay up with the trends and look good thru each stage of life. I also don't want to look like one of those women you see that are trying to look younger than they are. I think there is a happy medium in there. SO I asked about that style of hair and color. I got great reactions form everyone EXCEPT my husband. UGH! The one person I really want to look cute too doesn't like it. So do I do it anyway and hope it grows on him. Or not....... HMMMM

I just signed the twins up for pre-school today. They are due to start mid Sept. I think this is a great thing for them as well as me. They will be going Tuesday and Thursdays for two and half hours. So nothing real long but yet a break for all of us. I'm kinda sad about it all too. At one point I love this stage with them. They are so much fun. At another point I'm just so sad it's gone by so fast. I think this happens to every parent. You realize they they won't need you forever and it breaks your heart. That they someday will be grwon and on their own. You wan them to stay little and adore you forever. But each day you see more and more of the kids that they will become and eventually the adults they will become. It's so bittersweet.

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